Welcome to Virtual 3D Hollywood:

  • the world’s FIRST real celebrity community in virtual reality 3d,
  • a place for fans to get up close and personal with Hollywood celebrities and a way for audiences to interact live with their favorite stars,
  • a new way for cutting edge and highly creative stars to express themselves,
  • a virtual travel destination that invites global audiences to become virtual tourists and visit Hollywood stars,
  • a way for fans to get exclusive access to Hollywood events,
  • a way to meet new Hollywood talent,
  • a way to create new comfortable work-at-home jobs for Hollywood and for the United States,
  • a way to support the revival of the U.S. Economy by strengthening the entertainment, education, tourism and service industry sectors

Virtual Hollywood 3D Theater

3-Dimensional interaction on the internet is growing at an astounding rate and it is projected that 1.6 Billion people will access the internet via Avatars. With advances in technology, accessibility, and the record-breaking popularity of the James Cameron movie “Avatar” (the highest grossing film ever, taking in over $2.7 billion), 3Dimentional interaction is “now providing new jobs and creative opportunities for Hollywood” . Virtual Celebrity islands gives celebrities a new way to connect with their fans, promote their projects, and offer meaningful and high-valued visibility for their sponsors and brands”. Virtual Celebrity Islands is powered by Activeworlds which means the recipients get ultra light, high quality design and functionality with the potential for true ownership and independent operation of their 3D worlds. It is an unmatched offer to own a portal to the ‘new internet’, accessible to and operated by everyone.